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Month: June 2018

Amur Leopard News

The Amur Leopard is the most endangered large cat on our planet. With an estimated less than 100 in the wild, and 200 housed under human care, this species is struggling to survive. This week the San Diego Zoo announced the birth of two FEMALE cubs. This has also been followed up with the announcement (a few hours after we recorded) of two MALE Amur Leopard cubs at the Brookfield Zoo.  Fantastic news for this animal.

San Diego Zoo Breeds Critically-Endangered Leopards, Producing Two Cubs

2 Healthy Amur Leopard Cubs Born at Brookfield Zoo

IUCN Information on Amur Leopard (under general Leopard)

Amur Leopard Fact Sheet

Technology Helping Fisherman Avoid Bycatch

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has developed an application that helps fisherman go to areas where their targeted fish are currently at. The software called EcoCast using advanced algorithms can predict based on weather and other oceanographic variables in predicting where the fisherman will find their fish. This helps them avoid general fishing where they might catch endangered species in their nets.

Smart Software Helps Fisherman Catch the Fish They Want, Not Endangered Species

EcoCast Details from NASA

Viewing Wildlife Documentaries Are Good For Mental Health

Research now indicates that viewing nature documentaries help improve a person’s mood and makes them happier. Scientists have compared the benefits as the same as those for people who mediate daily. Even listening to this podcast (we hope) should improve your mood and motivate you to make positive changes for Mother Earth.

Watching This Type of TV is as Healthy as Meditating

Watching Nature Programmes Make You Happier New Research Reveals

United Kingdom Mammals in Crisis

This week multiple news agencies are reporting on the current extinction crisis in the UK. Reports now indicate that 1 in 5 mammals in the UK are endangered and threatened with extinction. The Wildcat, Greater Mouse-eared Bat and the Black Rat are all listed as critically endangered. Even the beloved Hedgehog is listed as endangered suffering a 70% decline in populations in the last 20 years. However, populations of otter, pine marten, polecat, badger and red deer are increasing.

One in Five Britain Mammals at Risk of Extinction

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Planet

This week Angie highlighted the use of Shampoo bars. Let’s get rid of those plastic bottles. The bars can be found HERE.

Dave Mathews Band Fundraiser

Meet Dave Mathews at the Hollywood Bowl & Travel to Africa

Scientists Using Robots to Study Bird Behavior

Researchers are using any new tools they can to study animal behavior. This week we discuss the use of a “fembot” to observe Saige Grouse mating rituals. We highly recommend you view the video attached to the article.

Why Scientist Turned This Taxidermy Bird Into a Robot

New Species Discovered

Coming out of their shells: New turtle discovered in Mexico

New Species of Shrew Discovered in the Philippines Sky Island

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Gorilla News

Reports indicate that the critically-endangered Mountain Gorilla populations have went above over 1,000 animals. These animals are the only large primate (other than humans) that are experiencing a population increase. This is good news for the gorilla, however they are still under severe threat for extinction.

Mountain Gorilla Population Rises Above 1,000

IUCN Data on Mountain Gorilla

Park Rangers Killed Protecting Gorillas

Artificial Intelligence Helping Wildlife Conservation

In how technology can help conservation efforts around the globe, scientists have revealed a new artificial intelligence system that has helped count animals in the wild. Camera traps are becoming more popular with researchers in their ability to detect motion and snap images of wildlife. Previously, it took thousands of hours for people, often volunteers, to count these animals. Now, with the use of AI, scientists claim the work can now be completed in just a few hours.

Artificial Intelligence Can Identify and Count Animals in the Wild

Scientists tackling conservation problems turn to artificial intelligence

Plastics in the Ocean Continue to Kill Wildlife

This week sad news from Thailand about a Pilot Whale died after attempts to save him were unsuccessful. After conducting a necropsy, it was found the whale had swallowed 80 plastic bags from its stomach. This report follows on the heels of another report last month of a Sperm Whale that had washed up on a beach in Spain with 29 kg of plastic in its stomach.

How This Whale Got Nearly 20 Pounds of Plastic in its Stomach

Plastic Pollution Killed Sperm Whale Found Dead on Spanish Beach

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Hut Rates to Increase in New Zealand

In efforts to increase support for ecotourism and tourist’s ability to experience New Zealand’s wild places, NZ Department of Conservation is looking to increase its rates on huts to help support their maintenance and upkeep.

Foreigners to Pay Double on Four of New Zealand’s Great Walks

Stay in a Hut in New Zealand

Queuing for Roys Peak Selfies

Giraffes and Communication

Researchers have discovered that giraffes hum to each other during the night. While they cannot yet identify what the communications may mean, this discovery is exciting in that another species communicates in frequencies that cannot be heard by the human ear. The link below has the humming available for listening.

Giraffes Hum to Each Other Throughout the Night

Giraffe Humming Sound

New Species Discovered

Fairy Wren of Australia

Five New Species of Salamander Discovered in China

Rock Fowl on Jesse’s wish list











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Conservation News for the week of June 1, 2018


The article discussing the cloning of the Tasmanian Tiger discusses how close scientist are getting to resurrecting this species. It can be found here.

Here is another article from National Geographic discussing cloning of the Tasmanian Tiger here.

Another article discussing de-extinction https://www.avclub.com/science-finds-a-way-to-bring-back-extinct-animals-1826247517here.

Golden Lion Tamarin

This article discusses the use of wildlife corridors and helping to not only revive the Golden Lion Tamarin but the environment as well and can be read here.

Here you can learn more about Golden Lion Tamarins.

Giant Salamanders in China

Apparently, the Giant Salamander, the world’s largest amphibian, has been hunted to near extinction. Article discussing this tragic tale can be read here.

You can read more about these amphibians here.

The Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund can be found here.

Rhino Pregnant

Here is the article discussing the latest in the pregnant White Rhinoceros through artificial insemination.

New Species

Bizarre Ratfish

Exploding Ants

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